Soccer Writer's Style Guide


North America's first and only soccer-specific style guide

About this guide

The Soccer Writer’s Style Guide is an attempt to standardize the usage of soccer terminology and vocabulary; it is essentially an extension of the Associated Press Stylebook’s meager guidelines for the game. This public soccer-specific style guide is, we believe, the first of its kind in North America, and it serves as the official style guide for

This guide won’t tell you what to write, but it will help you make decisions about how best to edit your soccer writing for a North American audience. You may disagree with some of the guidelines here — and that’s good. Leave a comment and tell us why. We hope a consensus will help make this guide (to borrow from the AP Stylebook) “a uniform presentation of the printed word” for our field.

Be assured that the stylistic decisions we made here were not random, nor were they based on personal preferences. We consulted soccer editors and writers. We pored over the AP Stylebook, Webster’s Dictionary, soccer publications, reputable websites and official literature. Where we found conflicting stylistic solutions or none at all, we made decisions based on logic and common sense.

We hope you find this guide useful. To get started, click on the chapter titles to the right, or use the search function.