Soccer Writer's Style Guide


North America's first and only soccer-specific style guide



  • Identifies enclosed ballparks only, except in the case of Red Bull Arena, which was named by its Austria-based ownership group.

field, pitch

Jeld-Wen Field

  • Do not write JELD-WEN Field. All-caps are generally reserved for acronyms in which each individual letter is pronounced, such as PGE Park. Do not allow branding to dictate logical writing conventions.

Livestrong Sporting Park

  • Do not write LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. See note for Jeld-Wen Field.


natural grass

soccer-specific stadium

stadium, stadiums

  • Do not write the plural form stadia.
  • Only capitalize stadium when part of a facility’s official name.

Toyota Park

  • Do not write TOYOTA Park. See note for Jeld-Wen Field.

turf, synthetic turf, artificial surface

  • Do not write plastic pitch.
  • Write FieldTurf only when specifically identifying the trademark.

See also: Field markings and equipment


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