Soccer Writer's Style Guide


North America's first and only soccer-specific style guide

National teams

Always treat national team names as plural nouns unless writing out the words national team.

  • Example: England have lost their last three matches. But: The Canadian national team is on tour in Europe.

Never capitalize the words national team.

  • Example: The Mexican national team has won its group; Or: US national team forward Jozy Altidore will return to MLS next season.

El Salvador

  • El Salvador nationals are Salvadorans.

United States

  • US or USA are acceptable on first reference. Do not use periods.
  • USMNT (men) or USWNT (women) are also acceptable. Do not use periods.
  • Write head coach Jurgen Klinsmann without the umlaut (ΓΌ). Do not spell his first name as Juergen.
  • Avoid referring to the United States as America or its players as Americans. This is especially important when the US play other national teams from North, Central or South America. All nationals from these three continents consider themselves Americans.

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